Are the classes just for advanced trainers or can people new to exercise try them too?

All our classes are run by qualified trainers which means that any exercise given can easily be progressed or regressed. This means that people of all fitness levels can join in and will get the results that they are working hard for. I constantly tell our clients ‘it never gets easy you just get fitter and stronger’ so no matter how fit you are our classes wil continuously push you to and past your limits. The classes are consanty varied to make sure your body never gets use to it and you will never get bored.

What are the benefits of the classes?

Our classes are structured and programmed so that you will get maximum results in minimum time.

You WILL increase your BMR, which means your ability to burn calories at rest.

You WILL increase your lean muscle mass.

You WILL drop body fat.

You WILL feel more energised.

You WILL increase your flexibility.

You WILL meet and train with likeminded people.

You WILL try exercises that you have never done before.

You WILL have fun at the same time as reaching and surpassing your goals.

What classes do we run?















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