Legs, Bums & Tums

What is Legs, Bums & Tums (LBT)?

This class is designed to target those stubborn areas that normal exercise does not get to, Legs! Bums! & Tums! The class is open to ladies and gentleman and is suitable for beginners to advanced levels.

The 60 minute class starts with a low impact aerobic warm up, steps are very simple but with the movement you will gradually increase the heart rate and prepare the body, mind and sole for the exercise ahead.

After the warm up the class is structured to isolate legs and bottoms, usually by performing squats and lunges. Each movement is performed with high repetition to really work a particular area, participants have the option to progress the intensity of each exercise. 

Then second half of the class is spent working on the floor and is more about body conditioning, waking up deep muscles, toning abdominals and bottom. Deep core muscles and muscles that support the spine are also isolated.

The remainder of the class is used for a cool down and stretch, developmental stretches are included to encourage flexibility.

Participants must wear trainers and are advised to wear lose clothing in layers, sport clothing is highly recommended. All equipment is provided but please do bring a water bottle to make sure you have a drink to hand and remain hydrated .

Available on: Monday 6pm, Wednesday 9.30am & Friday 6pm

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